Con Report – Cryptozoic at Gen Con 2015

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We’re still sorting out everything from all the excitement at Gen Con 2015 this weekend (which you can see some of on our Facebook page), but we wanted to try to get some of our interviews out there first. First up, we spoke to Sara Miguel, Marketing Coordinator at Cryptozoic Entertainment about some of their upcoming releases. We have reviewed Cryptozoic games here in the past, and with the company starting to dip their toes into the anime realm with last year’s Naruto Deck Building Game and next year’s Attack on Titan Board Game, we feel that this is a company to keep an eye on for all anime gamers.

(Please note, all photos of the Attack on Titan game are mock-ups and not the final version).

Cryptozoic Attack on Titan card mock ups


Attack on Titan will be a multi-level (or ‘vertical’ as they like to call it) board game. One person plays as the giant Titan (is that redundant?) while up to five others will play as Scout troopers trying to take the beast down. Scout troopers can maneuver between a separate building piece and the creature itself to gain position on the Titan, and hopefully take it down.

While there was a fully playable demo of the game available at Gen Con, it does seem likely there will be some changes before the game releases. Playtesting is ongoing and of course the game itself was just a mock-up, with plastic miniatures planned for the retail release.

“Right now the Titan wins a lot, which is a lot like the show,” Miguel explains. “I’ve seen maybe one group of players between here and Anime Expo actually beat the Titan, but it was like ‘YEAH!’ when it happened.”

The game is expected to release sometime in 2016.

Cryptozoic Attack on Titan board mock up

In other news from Cryptozoic at Gen Con 2015, at their Trade Day panel they announced Cartoon Network Super Secret Crisis War, which would use the Cerberus game engine (the same engine used by the Naruto and DC Deck Building games). Details were scarce, and unfortunately we couldn’t confirm many of the shows that would be involved. Cryptozoic confirmed that no Adult Swim characters would be included in the game. When asked about the Powerpuff Girls being included, we were told that it was unlikely due to licensing issues. I had to ask about Captain Planet joining the game, but was met with mostly blank stares that seemed to say “LOLWUT?” (a man can still hope).

In related news, there will be a separate Rick and Morty party game, that will be keeping the adult themes of the show. Rounding out the announcements, there will be a Portal Board Game developed and designed by Valve coming up, and there will be more releases based on the works of HP Lovecraft, Ghostbusters, The Walking Dead and Attack on Titan in addition to what has already been announced, however no specific announcements about those properties were made.

Very special thanks to Cryptozoic agreeing to meet with a Dragon Ball Z/anime themed blog. If you’d like us to cover more Cryptozoic games, including adding a Card Library, let us know in the comments below.

This has been Joshman! Later BroZ!

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