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Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z Demo Deck Cards (Non-Final Versions/Not Legal for Play)

70 Comments to "Card Images"

  1. Brodiewan says:

    Any chance of getting the Alternate Art for the Earth Dragonballs posted on here. The Saiyan Saga ones are just ugly. Thanks

  2. Are all of these cards legal for Gencon, excluding the Tuff Enough cards?

    -McKenzie | TH5

    • Joshman says:

      Cards that are “League Only” or “Tuff Enuff Only” are not legal for play in Retro DBZ events. Additionally, there is a Banned/Restricted list in the rules section that holds a few other banned cards. Other than that, I believe all other cards in our library are playable.

  3. medievalman says:

    I am assuming that pretty much any set pictured here, is complete? in particular- the power packs… my understanding is that there are 4? types

    • Grimlock64 says:

      There were only two Capsule Corp Power Packs, each one had at least 20 promos! They were awesome. But yeah, i can verify the lists for the Power Packs are complete.

  4. Trent says:

    I was wondering if the Broly subset stuff from baby saga is legal at Gen Con? Please email me and tell me.

  5. Trent says:

    So Vegeta’s physical stance, and Nappa’s physical resistance. I know they are limit one per deck however are we limited to playing one or the other and not both. Similar to expanded format with GT?

    • Joshman says:

      No GT rules or restrictions are being used in our events unless otherwise noted (like the Sensei Deck rules).

      You can run both cards.

  6. Dave says:

    “Tuff Enough Only” is illegal?

    So Vegeta’s Percussion Concussion, Scientific Repatching, and Fishin’ Time are all illegal?

    That’s kind of dumb IMO.

    There goes my Vegeta Free at GenCon….

  7. Frankie says:

    Can someone put together pics of the GKI reprints? Thanks

  8. That guy says:

    i was wondering if you guys wanted fusion frenzy cards if i found them. im pretty good at hunting card pictures.

  9. Paul Keil says:

    there really needs to be some cards based on the new DBZ movie Battle of Gods. maybe like a Bills MP or some kind of Super Sayain God card…also Bardock needs a new personality set based on Episode of Bardock

  10. Daniel says:

    So if it doesn’t say league or tuff enough only its ok to use? If so does that mean Vegeta’s gutter wallop is still ok even though it came from a league set?

  11. jerr says:

    ae there people who sell cards or trade?
    let me know at:

  12. Midgard says:

    So, this might be a stupid question, but have you guys considered making any alt-art of already made cards? Like a version of VQD that actually shows Vegeta being fast, instead of just standing there, or of (keeping with a vegeta theme) Vegeta’s Gallic Gun actually have a pic of vegeta instead of goku? (watch the frieza saga, it’s goku)

  13. Dan Negus says:

    I’d really like to be able to see the entire card while browsing the sets.

  14. Darryl Fisher says:

    You are free to make your own Alternate Art Cards. I uploaded the PSDs for the images on the facebook page. It shouldn’t be too hard to make a new image.

  15. Eddie adem says:

    Hi everyone. I have been a long time DBZ fan, and have a large DBZ card collection from ccg, hero collection, and made in japan 1989-1998 to sell. If anyone is looking to add to there card deck or looking for rare DBZ cards, feel free to e-mail me at :

    • Darryl Fisher says:

      You are welcome to join the dbzccgchampionshipseries facebook page and post pictures of your collection and the price your asking.

  16. GoteNksz says:

    Hey guys anyone can tell me where i can buy single cards? please link website or something 🙂

  17. dobrienlx says:

    Are the virtual subsets playable at the gen con tournament?

  18. Darryl Fisher says:

    Yes. Both of the gencon tournaments as well as any other tournaments that are “Retro Rules”

  19. dobrienlx says:

    Are the DBGT preview cards from the kid buu saga legal for retro rules/gencon?

  20. tristen says:

    how rare is a goku level 5 ss3 card. i got one from a buu saga starter deck and have no clue what its worth

  21. Darryl Fisher says:

    This isn’t really the place to talk about card prices. Please check out ebay to find out what the most recent ones sold for to get a estimate of its worth.

  22. Chango says:

    Anybody tell me how much hair grab is worth? This is Chango by the way or chase from facebook

    • Joshman says:

      Not much of the GT stuff is very valuable. It’s mostly non-Super 17 Ultra Rares or promos from the last set. I’d say probably $2-5 would be fair.

  23. tailtactics says:

    Are there other cards besides heroes en masse and z warriors band that have an effect for +x allies in play?

  24. IskinsI says:

    Is there anywhere that I can download all of the card images in bulk instead of saving each individual card?

  25. Pete says:

    Hey Guys…I was trolling ebay for DBZ cards and found this. He claims SCORE only made 2. Is it real or a proxy fake. If anyone would know…it’s you guys! Thanks!!
    Heres the item number— 281154559448

  26. This is great work man. Thanks man, brings back good memories.

  27. Speed says:

    I’ve asked before ,but is there any chance you could release the template you use to make retro cards so that I could use them to recreate some cards with alt. images?
    Thanks much!

  28. Rexx says:

    Hey, I was wondering if y’all had the images for the old dbz ocg game that was shut down, was just seeing y’all could post them if you had them, I didn’t think they would be able to used here, but was interested in having some of them.

  29. SaiyanWithStyle says:

    You know, I think it would be cool if the subsets could be filtered by style just by clicking a button. Just a thought…

    • TK4LYFE says:

      I imagine lots of changes may take place on this site now that the game has been rebooted! (Like forums) Can’t wait to see all the new cards!

  30. Piccolo1r says:

    I just hope Panini makes a Piccolo’s special beam cannon named card. Score made a orange special beam cannon, but they could not make one for piccolo:(

  31. King Vegeta MP set 1-5 & named cards would be phenomenal…

  32. James says:

    Is the Broly Second Coming subset considered legal or is it banned at this time? I know it came out in the Baby Saga in GT, but it was made as a DBZ set.

  33. Damien says:

    Is anyone familiar with cards that were slightly transparent or see through? They supposedly had something you could scan on them

  34. Does anyone on here know anything about original print DragonBall Z Cards from Japan? I have a bunch from when I lived there and looking to move them to a new home.

  35. DYK: Brown was originally a style in the proxies of the first cards ever made. (Think pre-Burger King promos)

  36. Is there a chance of getting pictures of the RE-Z promo cards? I have a list of them but don’t think I even seen half of them.

  37. Jason grooms says:

    Can you use alternate cards for the new game like say the new art work like a proxy

  38. Trunks says:

    Why in Bandai’s Dragon Ball CCG Fusion set the Android 14 card has 15’s image displayed and in the Android 15 card has 14’s image displayed? Did the people who made the cards cofused them or something?

  39. Trunks says:


  40. Jesse says:

    Android 18’s left hook im confused a little by its effect witch states physical attack doing 3+ power stages of damage, for the remainder of combat any attacks performed by your personalities with “android” in the tittle can not be prevented.

    My question is on the wording. After i attack with this card, on my next attack phase within the same combat i perform an attack with my android personality, can my apponent stop it??since on the card says attacks can not be prevented. Or is it the damage that cant be prevented with cards that have you get successfully hit but prevents the damage?

  41. Cody says:

    For any collectors out there interested in one of the harder to find cards I have a mint/near mint champion drill for sale you can email me for pics and details also have a lot of other old ultra rare cards for sale

  42. blakesg says:

    Im new to dragon ballz I found my brothers old from the 1990’s which he gave to me is there any I should check for that are worth anything .-.

  43. Aaron Mitchell says:

    About how many of the “You Win” cards were printed? I have 1 Gohan and 1 Pan.

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