A Message From the Future for RetroDBZ

Hiya BroZ,

I know it’s been a while since we’ve posted on here. I encourage all fans of Retro DBZ games to follow us on our Facebook page for more regular updates, but I wanted to deliver a message a to everyone who comes here for our great card library, classic decks and tournament coverage.

We’re saddened to hear about the discontinuation of the Panini America DBZ Card Game, but we’re so happy to hear that a group of designers will attempt to continue the game as Fan Z (and you’ll never know¬†where that could lead).

I encourage you to visit and support them here: Fan Z – The Dead Zone!

In other news, we are still committed to covering all DBZ card and board games past and present. This includes the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Card Game by Bandai and the JASCO miniatures game. We will be at Gen Con covering those companies, so stay tuned for updates.

Thank you all once again for your tireless enthusiasm for Dragon Ball!

Later BroZ!




4 Comments to "A Message From the Future for RetroDBZ"

  1. Izzyv03 says:

    Want more retro virtual sets!

  2. Jorge says:

    Do you happen to know the state side release date for the bandai game?

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