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Black Foreshadowing: Card of the Week 15

Greetings Dragon Ballers, Didier here with Week 15 of my PanZ Card of the Week. This week is the third rotation of card of the week! Time sure does fly. As always, subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch this early (back on Tuesdays) or keep scouting here for it on the weekends. This week I’m reviewing a […]

Isolation: Card of the Week 14

Greetings Dragon Ballers, Didier here with Week 14 of my PanZ Card of the Week. I took some time off, but after a Senzu bean I’m picking it back up! Check out RNG’s first vlog on the controversial Time is a Warriors Tool here. As always, subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch this early (back on Tuesdays) […]

Saiyan Rescue PanZ: Card of the Week 13

Greetings Dragon Ballers, Didier here with Week 13 of my PanZ Card of the Week. Things are really picking up at Random Number Gaming! We just released our 4th H&V breakdown video, check it out here!  As always, subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch this early (now on Wednesdays!)  or keep scouting here for it on Saturdays. […]

Red City Destruction PanZ: Card of the Week 12

Greetings Dragon Ballers, Didier here with Week 12 of my PanZ Card of the Week. I can’t wait to open my Set 2 packs! Ryan and I will be coming out with a ton of content in the coming weeks so tune in. As always, subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch this early on Tuesdays […]

Namekian Hybrid Defense: Card of the Week 10

Greetings Dragon Ballers, Didier here with Week 10 of my PanZ Card of the Week. Things are really heating up with Set 2 around the corner! As always, subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch this early on Tuesdays or keep checking back here for it on Saturday mornings. This week I’m reviewing my second block […]

Blue Mental Drill PanZ: Card of the Week 9

Greetings Dragon Ballers, Didier here with Week 9 of my PanZ Card of the Week. I had a ton of fun shooting this week and I hope it shows in the recording! As always, subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch this each Tuesday or keep checking back here for it on Saturday mornings. This week I’m […]

Black Reflection: PanZ Card of the Week 8

Greetings Dragon Ballers, Didier here with Week 8 of my PanZ card of the week. I’m going to start posting these videos here on Saturdays with a short synopsis, but if you want to catch them earlier you should subscribe to my YouTube channel. This week I’m reviewing my first Event card, Black Reflection. While […]

Z Diddy and the Namekian Nerf

Did the Namekian nerf leave you crying like Gohan? Does Captain Ginyu frustrate you, causing you to step on even innocent frogs in the wilderness? Well fear no longer! Join Z Diddy Greenleaf and Ryan Lewis as they give the low down on recent nerfs to Namekian style, Vegeta, and more. Learn about all the […]

I’ll take one DBZ Panini with extra fanboy

Just when I thought I would grow up, this happens. There I sit, in the real world, when the phone rings. It’s Garrett. Now, I don’t think I’ve ever talked to this man on the phone once. This was a special occasion and my first thought was ‘Why?’. Big news. The biggest. Words leave his […]

Virtual Card Set 2014 – Tapion’s Master Sword

Discuss this card with us in our discussion group by clicking here! One of my favorite scenes in Wrath of the Dragon is right before the credits roll. Tapion hands his sword to his new friend, Trunks, followed by flashing scenes of its use against Frieza and his father, highlighting that it was the Kontas […]

Dragon Ballin’ 004: Baba Black vs Vegeta Blue

A few weeks ago after playing all day in the North Kai tournament and then drinking all too much, the only thing on my mind was recording a DBZ match with my friend Chris Smith. Witness as we unquestionably cause Chris’ wife to wake at 2 am as the clash of Baba vs Vegeta unfolds. Enjoy. […]

2014 East Kai Championship Emmaus, PA

Now that the North Kai Championship has come to a close and the smell of Gen Con is in the air, it’s time for the ladies to have fun. Come join the current 2014 DBZ CCG #1 Loser Ryan Lewis and myself as we dance, party, and have a blast…literally. We’ve got a bunch of […]

DP Gone Wild

A long time ago I talked about tier lists, what they meant, didn’t mean, and how they affected competition. This spawned some good discussion in a bunch of different directions and it was great to hear all your perspectives on this game and others. Greetings Dragon Ballers, Didier here with what I hope will be […]

2014 North Kai Top 8 Josh Merckle v John Wood

Hey guys, here’s the first top cut match of the vids I’ll be rolling out “Greetings Dragon Ballers, I’m going to try and release these videos as fast I can, I know I kept you waiting. I figured we’d start with the top cut matches since they’re the juicy ones. The first of 6 matches […]

The Road to North Kai 2014

I know many of you must be antsy about seeing those action packed North Kai tournament Top 4 match videos and beyond, but good things come to those who wait. In the mean time, follow along with me as I travel halfway across the country. Join the East Kai crew as we voyage to the […]

Dragon Ballin’ with a Frenchman 003: Tapion Orange vs Gohan Black

The Frenchman is back again battling it out with fellow Z warrior Joshua Merckle. Tapion 1-4 Orange WGS Goku Sensei Orange Rapid Attacks x3 Gohans Kick Orange Reflex COGD x2 Black Water Confusion Drill YI Huh??? 68 + 6 = 74 Physical Attacks 24 O. Sword Sweep x3 Gokus Power Strike x3 Gohans Kick x2 […]

Dragon Ballin’ with a Frenchman 002: Vegeta Freestyle vs. Bojack Black

Joshua Merckle was in the area so I logically forced him into recording some DBZ matches. We managed to get three done so heres the first. Watch this time as a bait flips the game upside down. :O Follow Didier Greenleaf on Twitter @DidierGreenleaf and subcribe to his youtube channel 

Supreme West Kai: Black to the Future

As I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t get into this game until pretty late. Once the GT cards started rolling out, I had gotten the gist of deck building and obtained a few money cards, fueling myself to top cut at some Expanded tournaments. The early months of Baby and Super 17 Saga continued my love […]

Dragon Ballin’ 001: Future Gohan Saiyan vs Krillin Freestyle

Get ready world to be met with one fierce short bald man… and I’m not talking about myself. I bet you watched all the RetroDBZ videos from Gen Con 2013 and still want more! Check out my new video segment titled “Dragon Ballin’ with a Frenchman” where I play games with special guests. Browse my […]

Didier Plays with Himself: Tapion Orange vs Vegeta Freestyle

It’s been a while since a video went up here, so I bet you’re teething for some hot DBZ action. Catch glimpses of my smiling face in my new YouTube segment entitled ‘Didier Plays with Himself.’ Witness as I face off two decks in epic battles that shake the table in my living room.  

A New Year: Make A Wish

Crikey this year has flown by! It seems like just yesterday my life had a lot less Balls in it. As is the standard, each year I make a resolution I ultimately don’t keep. In the end however, the follow through isn’t as important as the wish. Instead of equating them to false hope, focus […]

Meta Cooler’s Blue Christmas Decklist

Despite my cherry warm demeanor, I’ve always been a little blue. Every Magic deck I’ve built has included islands. Reactive playing, using your opponent’s strength against him. With how much I love being defensive it should come as no surprise that I’ve been trying to build Blue style every way imaginable for a while now. […]

Vegito: Warrior of Tao

When you hear “opposites” what are the first things that pop into your head? Hot and cold? Day and night? While all examples of Yin and Yang, these two Chinese concepts go much further to explain the above mentioned and how they intertwine. Greetings Dragon Ballers, Didier here hoping to share an “Ah-ha!” moment. Goku […]

Goten – The Unplayable Dream

I’ve been doing a lot of losing lately – I can’t remember the last time I won a DBZ game. Each time I’m crushed, I reflect on other decks of mine that did the same. I know what you’re thinking, SPOOKED was just released and you want to play Goten fusion with Gotenks Kamikaze Ghost. […]

Love Lockdown: Didier’s 2013 Gen Con Tournament Report

My predictions of how fun this weekend was going to be were right on the money. I didn’t end up making it to the Drunk Panel due to playing Krillin in the Tuff Enuff tournament (which I was told afterwards I was very, very happy about), but I top cutted in both Retro tournaments, recorded […]

Fusion Re-Reborn

If I had to name my second favorite character (guess who’s my first), it would have to be Gotenks. That little guy was just the right mix of talk and walk to back it up that I love. And those ghost clones? Hysterical. Not to mention my very first deck after learning this game was […]

Tapion’s Awakening

With my rapping career close to the end (there are only so many Freestyle decks after all) it’s time for a new direction! Virtual cards are selectively being introduced into the game and bringing new possibilities. The game has been stagnant and now those following Retro are witnessing new decks emerge each year. All these changes can be […]

DBZ CCG Championship Series East Kai Tournament

What do you get when you mix one part elitist tournament with one part college frat party? Why the East Kai Championship of course! With the first North Kai event having come to a close and GenCon looming overhead, come test the new virtual cards and ever changing competitive environment at the inaugural East Kai […]

It’s Because You’re Weak, Krillin!

Ever notice nearly everything Krillin says can be followed by this line? Me too. Greetings Dragon Ballers, Didier here with the second installment of “Freestylin’ with a Frenchman” where I’m taking a constructive look at some of the lower tiered freestyle decks. Last time the most powerful character in the game got his turn; in my […]

You Just Activated My Noob trap Card!

Ah…the tier list. Both the infinite resource and bane of all competitive gaming communities. Greetings Dragonballers, Didier here with what I hope to be a good discussion. Freestylin’ with a Frenchman will continue next time as the fail count is rising with my Krillin Free deck play testing, but no one expects anything from him […]

Lovin’ the Pink

Greetings and salutations fellow DBZ fanatics! This Frenchman came back from Gen Con supercharged and what better way to release pent up energy than writing articles? (I can think of a few other ways.) Freestyle was a style I always gravitated towards. I loved the characters in the show and signature moves were the coolest […]

Freeing Vegeta With Style – Didier G’s Tournament Report

The deck I is used at Gencon was a Basic Vegeta Freestyle build. I chose to use the Super Saiyan Vegeta Level 1  to guarantee I could put Vegeta’s Lurking back in the deck even without having Vegeta’s Energy Thrust.  I played the deck slim, letting attacks hit because of Vegeta’s ability to generate some insane rejuvenation. […]

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